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Blog #5- Final Portfolio

The final portfolio has been a lot of fun to complete. I have recently finished my website after meticulous hours of editing and making sure everything made sense. I had a lot of difficulties making pages symmetrical and lining up photos with text and so on. I also had a tough time embedding media at […]

Luke Deimer- Blog #3

While working on the locative media assignment I faced a lot of challenges. At the beginning it was very difficult for me to figure out where to write/copy and paste code in the Xcode application. After I figured this out it got much easier and I enjoyed copying and pasting more sound in my app. When […]

Reading Response #5- Luke Deimer

In Bill Nichol’s article, Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?, he touches on the subject of decision making while making a documentary. As Professor Young said in class, while making a documentary there are “wrong” and “right” things to show in a documentary and it is all about belief. Documentaries present a case […]

Locative Media Review- Luke Deimer

My Project— The space I selected is one of my favorite places on campus, Fiske Planetarium. First semester I was in an astronomy course and we would do viewings of the solar system inside the planetarium and our teacher would fly us all around the galaxy. This inspired me to create space like synth noises, […]

Reading Response #3 – Luke Deimer

I thought it was very interesting to read about how the new generation is moving away from the traditional technologies to more mobile based and satellite devices. I myself still very much enjoy listening to the traditional FM radio. I love scanning through the channels and stumbling upon a song that I haven’t heard in […]

Reading Response #2- Luke Deimer

Photo-a-day week 5 was not one of my favorite weekly assignments. I am not a fan of portraying things through the black and white colors. I believe full colors gives people the true experience of the media. Other than that I have no complaints as I am still enjoying and looking forward to every weekly […]

Blog #2- Luke Deimer

When the Instagram video assignment was presented I was very excited to get started on it. I have always been a fan of Vine and Instagram videos. I think people have been very creative with all the content they can fit into a short video. It takes a lot of planning and execution to make […]

Blog Post #1- Luke Deimer

The photo a day assignment has pushed me to get outside and walk around campus more to get a quality picture every day. I love the different themes given especially if they are really challenging. I think it is really fun to think about a creative way to convey the weekly theme. I’ve never been […]