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Anderson; Reading Response 5; Longford

Michael Longford’s article, “Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences,” is all about augmented reality and the ways it can be used to offer consumers a new and different experience. Augmented reality is different from virtual reality because it utilizes real world spaces and “augments” them (uses technology to change the way a user moves […]

Danny Anderson Final Blog Post

Progress on my final portfolio has been going pretty good. I have been using Weebly.com to build my site and this is the first time that I’m using this company. I have built many sites and I’m mostly familiar with WordPress and Adobe Muse. The free version of WordPress is good but it can also […]

Anderson; Reading Response 4; Lunenfeld

Peter Lunenfeld’s article “The Digital Dialectic” provides an interesting look at how technology develops over time and how that development is perceived by different people. In the first part of the article, Lunenfeld describes two types of people: the naive realist and the networked idealist. Lunenfeld describes the naive realist as, “those who would ground […]

Anderson, Reading Response 3, Gye

I found Lisa Gye’s article, “Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices” to be particularly interesting. Gye argues that there are essentially three reasons as to why we take photos and they are to record memories, create and maintain social relationships, and to express ourselves. I found it very impressive […]

Anderson; Review of Mackenzie Christman’s App

I enjoyed Mackenzie’s app very much, I thought the way in which she utilized space was very interesting because the majority of it was outside. This could be troublesome since the wifi signal is always spotty when outside of a building, but the sounds make for an interesting atmosphere and experience when moving through these […]

Anderson Blog Post 3

I haven’t made much progress on the locative media project yet, so I’ll use this post to discuss the photo-a-day assignment for this week. This week’s assignment (“from the ground up”) seems to be the most abstract of them all thus far.  This assignment literally pushes us to look up and photograph things from a […]

Reading Response #2 Danny Anderson; Ribak

Rivka Ribak’s paper called “Remote control, umbilical cord and beyond: The mobile phone as a transitional object” put into words a lot of the feelings that I think a lot of people recognize about cell phones but don’t know how to explain. The commonly referenced “transitional object” is something such as a teddy bear or […]

Blog #2: Danny Anderson – Self-Portrait Assignment

I have been enjoying this particular photo project because it has been really exciting to get creative about different ways to think about “self-portrait” in the age of selfies. There are so many ways that you can learn about a person’s interests and personality by items other than their face. To think outside the box […]

BLOG #1: Danny Anderson – Family Photo Assignment

I think the photo per day assignment is going pretty well. As of the time of this writing, I have completed 6 out of the 7 required photos for the week. It is certainly a unique assignment because not only are we being asked to take a photo per day, but we are being asked […]

Reading Response #1; A.O. Scott; Danny Anderson

In “The Screening of America,” A.O. Scott makes a bold claim that “cinema is dead.” Scott, a film critic for The Times, discusses how we as a society no longer go to the movies as often as we once did. The cinema used to be something people frequented because it was the only place they […]