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Blog #5

The website is slowly putting itself together. Andy was really able to break down what he was looking for in a presentation. Along with that, I looked up the handout closely to see what questions need to be answered and how I can relate them back to the overall theme. Speaking about theme, it’s been […]

Blog Post #4

The process for creating the website is coming slowly but surely. The most difficult thing for me is just learning what button does what and where am I able to change certain aspects of the website. So I’ve just been messing around to get a feel of how to use wordpress and to see if […]

Locative Media – Miguel Castillo

My Review of Pierre Labelle’s Locative Media Project. So I first walk through the door into the music building which activates a sound in the app of door opening and closing, which threw me off for a second and almost had an existential crisis. Anyways, I hear someone playing the piano and it sounds like […]

Reading Response #5

I’ve chosen to read John Caldwell’s “Industrial Geography Lessons”. In the reading, Caldwell talks about how much emphasis we place on location when we consume and create media. One example he used was that when creating media, like television, the producers must research the area the project is based on so it would be believable […]

Reading Response 3

In the article by Erickson, Documentary with ephemeral media, discusses the idea of documenting moments for various reasons. I thought it was interesting because earlier in the semester, Andy talked about how cameras or film capture a version of reality and that fleeting moment. So similar to how people take pictures of landscapes and cities, […]

Blog Post #3

I really enjoy the locative media project so far. The coding for the app was an interesting experience and I got it to work my first try so I enjoyed it. My  major is Critical Media Practices with an emphasis on sound, so this project was in my lane. Using the ipad was a bit […]

Reading Response #2

Evgeny Morozov, the man behind the article: Death of the Cyberflaneur, said that Facebook is the reason that Cylberflaneur is dead. I agree with his stance to a point. He argues that the creation of Facebook has led to the end of the anonymity of being online. That by signing in, all your movements are […]

Blog #2 Vine

For the Vine project, I have started planning out what I’m gonna do, empathizing on geese.  I’ve noticed that the time limit makes it easier but also difficult. With the time limit, I can get straight to the meat and potatoes of my idea. However, with only six seconds, I have a limited amount of […]

Blog Post #1

I find the photo a day challenge challenging in a good way. It’s been a long time since I was forced to come up with creative ideas around a theme at a time matter in a long time. Im still not used to having to take a picture everyday but I’m getting used to the […]

Reading Response #1

In Screening of America by Scott, he discussed the idea that movies are no longer special or important because of television. However, I disagreed with that stance. Movies are still an event, if you look at Jurassic World, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Hunger Games, all those movies had enormous box office weekends and millions […]