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Reading Response – Albarran

The article discusses the fact that research shows that younger audiences are leaving the old media, the traditional media, for new forms of media. They’re not watching tv or listening to the radio. Instead, we’re watching Netflix, youtube, and streaming from Spotify. The trend is that we want to watch what we watch and listen […]

Reading response – Stephens

In the first part of the essay, Stephens talks about those who say that books are not going to go out of style. These people who champion older forms of media, he says, love to point to the long standing success of radio, as an argument that books will survive changes in technology. But, Stephen […]

Blog Post 2

I gathered footage of monkeys stealing women’s purses and a baseball caps, as well as a monkey stealing one mans camera. I added the soundtrack from a chase scene in The Terminator. I’ve got clips of people screaming in horror films. I think I’d like to get some clips of thunder striking in a loud dramatic […]

Reading Response Morozov

The description of the old word flâneur was interesting to me because it describes something I’ve done before. When I was in high school I’d occasionally go down town just to observe people, see sights, and maybe draw sketches of things I saw. I had a lot of time on my hands I suppose. I […]

Reading Response 2 Bourdieu

Bourdieu argues that while we consider photography to be a perfect and objective exhibit of reality, it is far from it. This is because the still image is not a part of anyone’s reality. No one can ever experience it without the photo. In his words, it is “imperceptible because it is instantaneous.” And in […]

Reading Response – Kawin

The article creates categories for films: Narrative, nonfiction, animated, and avant-garde. I don’t like these categories because there doesn’t seem to be anything stringing them together. I nonfiction film can also be narrative, animated, and avant-garde. So in my opinion, it is not a good dichotomy. A good dichotomy might say animated and non animated. […]

Blog Post 1

Our current project is to make a short film out of found footage. I downloaded a trial of adobe premier but then cancelled my subscription when I found out I could possibly use the computers in a university computer lab and not have to pay. Before cancelling my subscription, I was able to get them […]