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Blog 5

I thought I was all done with my final project until l class on Tuesday. I had just made a single post on the blog in my WordPress that I thought would be sufficient as a portfolio. But now I realize that won’t do. I need to be creative and use the website as if […]

Reading Response: Soley – Freeing Speech C

He talks about the privatization of public property as if that somehow sensors free speech. I don’t understand the connection between the two. I understand that private companies can have speech codes. But they can’t throw you in the slammer for breaking them. And I don’t understand why the author is so interested in whether […]

Blog #4

I finished my portfolio. Or at least a first draft. I created the website with WordPress. Initially, it took me a while to figure out how to use the site, but once I figured it out, it was a mostly smooth process. I was tasked with embedding my how to video, and I struggled with […]

Reading Response – Naughton – Cyberwarfare

The article talks about how the people who pilot drone planes suffer an emotional toll, despite being distant from the killing. Naughton proposes that a possible explanation is the contrast between killing people and then driving home to their families. I have an alternate theory. I think that killing someone from behind a screen using […]

Reading Response- Hill: Psychology of Rhetorical Images

The article starts by saying a vast amount of images can be considered rhetorical. In my opinion, all images, or visuals, rather, are rhetorical in the right context. The article goes on to describe how visuals are emotional and not rational persuasion. Hill continues to say that if that is the case then visual persuasion […]

Review of Evan Boretz Locative Media App

Today I used Evan Boretz locative media project. The project included 4 tracks. Two were musical tracks. One was a nature ambience track. And another was a spoken poetry track. The spoken poetry and nature tracks complemented each other nicely. The speaker had a very nice voice. I can’t remember exactly what the words were […]

Reading response week 11 Nitsche warcraft adventures

The article starts of by explaining the origin of the word “Machinima”, how it came from machine and cinema. It goes on to explain how coders created Machinima not by filming, but by manipulating the code and algorithms in the game. It describes some film festivals for machinima and also some successful machinima content such […]

Reading Response – Lowood

The article starts talking about Warcraft III championships. These championships have a $20,000 dollar prize for the winner so you could say that it is professional. I worked in a movie theatre once. And when I worked in a movie theatre, I knew a guy. This guy I knew, see, he played video games professionally. […]

Blog #3

Recitation was cancelled last week so I’m a little behind where I would like to be. But, I do understand the project requirements, I’ve read through the tutorial 7 on appfurnace.com, and I’ve been considering some possibilities for tours. I think the Norlin library could be a great spot to give a tour because it […]

Reading Response – Couldry

I think the author is making too much of the distinction between “ordinary people” and “media people”. It’s just easier to say “ordinary people” than to say “people who are not journalists, talk show hosts, politicians, or otherwise often seen on screen.” So you say, “ordinary”. Couldry talks of how the term ordinary implies that […]