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Blog #5: Will Dale- Web Site continues

This week my work on my website stepped up to an almost finished project, all I have left to do is upload my video files from google drive.  Wix has made it extremely easy to put a site together and design it to my image.  The writing piece of this project feels different for the […]

Blog #4: Will Dale – website set up

This week I began looking for a website to use for my final portfolio website.  Initially, I was leaning towards WordPress, which I have used in the past for several different classes and types of websites.  I’m also in Professor Youngs cmdp 2100 class which has a similar website final project due on the same […]

Reading Response #5 – Will Dale Docufame or Doculame

In Nichols’ Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?, Documentaries relationships with the director, subject, and audience are observed and discussed.  First, the author dissects the differences in documentary types and if they are fiction or non-fiction based on their subject and the lens they view them with.  This is defined as wishful documentaries and […]

Locative Media Partner Review

Olivia’s App was very well done and thought out,  it lead me on a short narrative that while not out of this world was intriguing.  The voice tracks leading you as a story made it feel like an audiobook where I could see the setting.  I liked the story of a girl on her way […]

Reading Response #4 – Will Dale Inspiration In Machinima

In Lowood’s Warcraft Adventures, player engagement and machinima’s effects on game culture are explored.   Lowood begins by describing a Warcraft tournament from 2004 and how the winning player’s strategy would be subject to countless replays.  Through the story of the championship and the players involved, the reader is brought to understand a view of gamers as performers.  […]

Blog #3: Will Dale – Location! Location! Location!

For this project, we are supposed to record audio and give a visual tour of a certain space.  Due to the fact that we did not have a recitation last week, I am a little lost on this assignment.  I have given some thought to where I could do a tour of and have decided […]

Reading Response #3- Will Dale, Elite or Self Broadcasting

Ingrid Erickson’s Documentary With Ephemeral Media: Curation Practices in Online Social Spaces talks about the shift in practices of documentation to handheld devices, like smartphones and digital cameras.  Sociolocative broadcasting is the name given to the phenomena Erickson is studying, more so than this, Erickson observes a specific type of person who documents.  Observing sites like […]

Reading Response #2- Will Dale Cyber Flaneur Misgivings

The Death of the Cyberflaneur describes the death of the individual wanderer on the internet.  Written by Evgeny Morozov the article is highly opinionated while still fascinating.  Morozov begins by describing the anonymous unexplored internet of the 90’s touching on aspects of web browsing, such as, GeoCities and Tripod.  The article is finished by an […]

Blog #2: Will Dale – Found footage and ‘selfies’

In the midst of various exams and papers for my other classes the found footage project has slipped to the back of my mind.  The work I have done has consisted of deciding I want to use older footage, to have that sort of grainy black and white aesthetic that you can’t capture simply with […]