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Reading Response #3

Journal of Visual Culture by Anne Friedberg, discusses the visual aspects of driving and change in movies. She first starts by explaining how a car is a cinematic viewing device. She describes the windshield as the frame, and how there are many different perspectives, such as being a driver and only viewing the windshield, or […]

Blog #4

As of now we are still working on our photo-a-day assignment.  I have been using my iPhone to take pictures for the entirety of the project, but I know many people in our class were disappointed that they could not use DSLRs for the project anymore, and I understand why they are upset about that.  […]

Blog #5

As the semester is coming to an end, I am continuing work on my final portfolio. Last time I wrote a blog about the final portfolio I wasn’t feeling very confident and wasn’t clear on the instructions. Since we went over it in class in depth, it has really made it easier for me to […]

Reading Response #3

Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones onPersonal Photographic Practices, by Lisa Gye, discusses mobile media, and more specifically, the impact of cameras in mobile phones.  We take our phones with us wherever we go, which means we always have a camera on us, so there are so many chances to take a photo.  […]

Blog Post #3

We started talking about the locative media project in class.  So far, I have set up my account on the AppFurnace website, but I have not done anything else besides that, as we have not covered it in class that much.  I am starting to brainstorm some ideas of where to do my project, but […]

Reading Response #4

Film Live: An Excursion into Machinima, by Michael Nitsche, discusses a fairly new video technique, called Machinima, which uses 3D generated environments to create videos.  The word Machinima comes from a misspelled combination of machine and cinema, which really describes what the type of video actually is.  Most often, these videos are created from the […]

Alex’s Review of Nolan’s App

For the locative media project, I got to test out Nolan’s app.  I didn’t have any trouble getting his app to work, besides the fact that the AppFurnace app kept crashing on my phone, but that had nothing to do with the individual apps we created.  I found it interesting that Nolan decided not to […]

Reading Response #2 – The Death of the Cyberflâneur

The Death of the Cyberflâneur By Evgeny Morozov discusses the idea of a cyberflâneur, which is someone who roams the internet aimlessly, similar to how a flâneur would roam the city streets aimlessly.  Morozov describes how cyberflâneurs have died off, and people no longer surf the web with no reason, just like how flâneurs no […]

Blog Post #1 Photo-a-day Week 2 Alex Lightman

I have now completed the second week of the photo-a-day assignment.  At first, I was very confused about this assignment.  I started posting my photos to Instagram, but realized I was using the wrong hashtag, and after a few days I found it hard to remember to upload every day, but fortunately I could just […]

Blog Post #2 – Alex Lightman

I have just competed week 3 of the photo-a-day assignment.  Now that the logistics are worked out, and I have become familiar with Flickr, this project is becoming much easier, as far as uploading my photos goes.  I am still having the same issue as before, which is I find it hard to remember to […]