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FINAL Blog Post #5: Final Portfolio – Aabriti Shrestha

I have made significant progress on the final project since the last blog post. I finished figuring out the layout for all the pages. I finished my photographic eye page by selecting six of my photo-a-day photos and creating a slideshow gallery of them. I finished writing about my two projects, and inserted them both […]

Blog Post #4: Final Portfolio – Aabriti Shrestha

We are currently working on our final portfolios. I feel like I have made pretty significant progress so far. I have created my website, chosen a solid theme, and worked on making it visually and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve spent most of my time working on the design and interface, more than the actual information needed. […]

Reading Response #4: Territory as Interface – Aabriti Shrestha

This reading focused on the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN) which is “a national collaborative research network” based in Canada. The reading focused on two of MDCN’s projects. The first was the Urban Archaeology project. This project attempted to inscribe memory into space in a city square in Montreal. The project mapped out the park in […]

Reading Response #3: Picture This – Aabriti Shrestha

The “Picture This” reading by Lisa Gye is about the ways in which the camera phone enables new modes of photography. It goes over the reasons why people take personal photographs. Each category explored their relation to the older photographic practices and compared them to newer practices, especially out of the camera phone. One of […]

Blog Post #2 – Aabriti Shrestha: How-To Vine

This week’s production assignment is the How-To Vine. So far, I have started brainstorming ideas of what to do and have messed around with the interface. My brainstorming has included story-boarding the ideas that I like the most. Some of my ideas were how to tie a tie and how to do your homework. As […]

Blog Post #1 Aabriti Shrestha Photo-A-Day

Our current production assignment is the first photo-a-day project. Currently, I have uploaded 5 of the 7 pictures for this week. This week’s theme was family. I have an advantage here because I live at home, so my family is not too far away from me. However, there are only 3 other people in my […]