Reading Response 5

In this weeks reading response, “Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences” by Michael Longford will be used. In his paper, Longford opens with an imaginative quote that uses great imagery to depict the world of new media:

“The cities of today and tomorrow only exist within the twisted relations between physical community and its network counterpart. We should think of it as a soft landscape that is constantly being updated by its users…”

This quote perfectly sums up the relationship between the physical world and the new platforms of media that support it. This quote also sets up the rest of the paper as Longford explores two seperate locative media projects. One of which is called “sampling the park”. This project explores the history of Montreal using different forms of media such as sound, image derived from geographic location, utilising one of the new locative media platforms.┬áThe second project explored is titled “The Haunting” and it is a location based game, somewhat relatable to Pokemon Go.

This paper was largely relevant to the locative media portion of the CMDP course and has significantly improved my understanding of the potential that locative media can have in the future. The theoretical ideas and potential for future media using these locative properties has really allowed me to imagine and appreciate the potential that locative media can do for our lives. Seeing how location can be used to completely augment reality can be beneficial in education, survival and much more. The reading has been yet another example of showing just how powerful and significant new media can be to modern society.


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