Picture This!

In the article, Picture This, Lisa Gye discusses the impact of mobile phones on personal photographic practices. She goes in depth about the convergence of the camera and the mobile phone, along with the impact that camera phones have on the social uses of personal photography. Gye explains this by stating, “There is no doubt that mobile camera phones are having an impact on the established ways in which we record and archive our personal and group memories, create and maintain social relationships and express and present ourselves to our friends, family and the world” (Gye 287). Overall, these mobile camera phones have an impact on constructing personal and group memory, creating and maintaining social relationships, and self-expression and self-representation.

I can personally relate to this article because mobile camera phones have impacted my life in these exact ways. First, mobile camera phones have impacted my life my capturing memories. When I was younger, I used to always grab my Nixon camera when I was going off to do activities. Now, I can easily take my phone out of my pocket and capture the memory right there and then, in one click. In this way, I am able to capture even more memories. Even with our Photo-A-Day project, I use my mobile camera phone because it is convenient. Also, I am able to share these memories with my friends and family online. And, look at their memories as well. On Facebook, my family members across the US are able to interact with my pictures and keep in contact with me easier than ever before. Lastly, I am able to express myself in social media applications. Through social media apps, like Instagram and VSCO, I am able to express myself through editing and posting pictures that represent who I am. Now, camera photography has gotten even better. In the video above, you can see how camera photography is being taken to another level. Ultimately, mobile camera phones are extremely accessible and are going to advance even more in the future.