Final Portfolio Blog 2

So I finally figured out that darn Locative Media problem I was having. I started off really over-complicating things by not remembering I had access to my audio files via my email, so I attempted to retrieve them from the ENVD lab where I saved them to my student folder. For some reason I couldn’t get the files to save to my external hard drive (god forbid I take up any of those 2 terabytes), and that’s how I ended up remembering that my files were luckily emailed. Saved me a lot of work in recreating them.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been taking pictures of the areas featured in my project. This was easy since they all were originally picked because they were a part of my everyday routine. Then I edited the .mp3s and those photos into a little one minute video, uploaded it to Youtube, and embedded it in my site. Thus successfully completing my goal of keeping my entire Final Portfolio on one page. Now there’s just the final review to do, but I figured I’d type this up first and save the best for last.

Image result for finish line ,gif