Blog post #5

Its time to write my final Blog post for CMDP 1400. This class has been an interesting one that has exposed me to the most relevant information that I will be using as I peruse a career in the real world. I have gained more understanding in the world of changing media with an understanding of new media and the progression that technology has allowed to create new media. In relation to the final portfolio, I have been evaluating the response questions and figuring out how to properly answer them. The word count was more of a challenge than I expected for the questions so I’m attempting to develop an answer that relates to the information that I learned through the course. The response questions have been more thought stimulating than any of the other work I have been exposed to in this course and it really allows me to understand the concepts we have been learning about and being able to understand just how broad and impactful new media has been in the past years.

On the website I have realised that reading was quite a challenge as the letters were being lost in the contrasting background. To counter this issue, I have changed the response pages to marble background instead of a moving cloud scape. I am proud of the work that I have put into my final portfolio and believe that I have made the right decision being a media production major. I can see that media branches past filming and advertisements. I have concluded that basically, media constructs the reality we live in with the modern world. Through the creation of my website portfolio, I am able to send a link to anybody and show them the personal progress I have made and hopefully I am able to show my audience how much potential new media has to shape the future. This final portfolio project has been impactful on me as it has shown me what I am capable of achieving in the developing world of media.

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