Blog #4

We’re coming up on the end of the semester and it’s not quite as good of a feeling as I had hoped. I’m finishing up on classes and beginning to study for finals which has created a feeling of pressure to perform. I have tried to direct this pressure into my final portfolio and create something that I am going to be proud of. I have chosen to use WIX instead of WordPress to design the website as I feel it is more intuitive and I can easily design the website layout to match my visions. I have so far developed a layout of my website, creating links that flow between the pages creating an intuitive and logical navigation between the pages of my website portfolio. I have begun to choose the images from the photo a day projects through the semester that I feel best capture my experiences in the project and it was interesting to actually acknowledge the progression I have made as a photographer through the semester.

I have enjoyed this class but never felt like I fully put in the effort that I could and with this portfolio, I am changing that. I am going to finish making my website aesthetically pleasing before I begin to cross off each section of the criteria for the final portfolio. So far this has been the most engaging assignment in this class for me and it allows me to see the progress and development I have had as a student engaged with the changing world of new media.

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