Reading Response #5 – Stearns

Anne Friedberg, a great media studies scholar, provided us with a very interesting reading this week with her article, “Journal of Visual Culture”. This reading was my favorite so far, as she somehow brings car windows to a new light when comparing them with media. She discusses how car windows are very similar in design and concept as a television screen with the limitations and framing that the car windows automatically provides for the driver. A theater is limited by the screen’s barriers just as a car window has limited sight through its frame. The article is relevant to our course due to the fact that media and space, which we learned about, has a key role in this way of thinking. The article is mainly broken up into two parts: one being the screen of media and the other being urban mobility effecting the visuality we have. She also discusses how Los Angeles had changed its building design over time in order to be more scenic downtown when driving through. These scenic routes provide narratives for the people commuting through them to visualize just as they visualize television and movies. I thought this article was very interesting because I catch myself looking outside of the Buff Bus, cars, airplanes, or any other form of transportation quite frequently. I never really thought of this as being caught up in a narrative, but I guess I was wrong. I stare out of windows described by Friedberg just as intently as I watch the newest Tarantino movie.