Blog #5: Will Dale- Web Site continues

This week my work on my website stepped up to an almost finished project, all I have left to do is upload my video files from google drive.  Wix has made it extremely easy to put a site together and design it to my image.  The writing piece of this project feels different for the class since we have only had to do one of these responses every couple of weeks.  I do find the amount of thinking that has to go into the writing is a bit more work than I previously thought.  Some of the photos I took had no rhyme or reason except that I saw something cool and thought I should take a photo, so the word limit requested can seem a bit extreme.  This usually wouldn’t be a problem, but it is difficult to want to spend time on that while I am studying for finals and working on other class final projects as well.  Overall I’m not too worried though, it isn’t the toughest assignment and the difference to usual school assignments makes it a bit refreshing. Hopefully, I will be able to have some words come to mind next time I sit down to type.  In conclusion to this and all the other blog posts, I would like to say this class has been genuinely entertaining with different and varied projects.  It has been fun CMDP blog, peace out and happy holidays.

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