Blog #5 – Khoury

As of today I am almost finished with my final portfolio website. I have been working on it a lot recently because I wanted to have plenty of time to study for my other finals. Today I completed the last final response question and will just need to look at everything to make sure there aren’t any errors. I have never created a website prior to this assignment and I was surprised how easy and fast it was. I used WordPress to create my website and it didn’t take very long for me to figure everything out.

In recitation, I had some questions that cleared things up but now I think I am in the clear. The only problems I had were some questions regarding the assignment handout and also the layout of the website. Under the menu tab on my website, I couldn’t figure out how to arrange the different pages. However, after playing with the site for a while I finally figured it out. I am feeling confident because the websites are due in a week and I am practically done with mine already.

This final project relates to the course because it is a collection of all of the media we have created. All of our photo-a-day pictures and other media assignments can go on to a website together. Everything we have done in this course has led up to this point and it is very exciting to see all of my hard work on one website.

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