Blog 5

As of today, I am almost finished with my final portfolio and all that is left is the final response section. I have added a few extra pages that were not apart of the project, but I felt as if they belonged on a portfolio displaying my best work. The first page I added was a gallery of all the photoshoots I have done outside of class this semester of models as I felt as if that is my best work when it comes to photography. There’s two streetwear shoots, one shoot with a model for beauty and fashion, a rock climbing shoot, and a shoot for a senior portrait client. I also added a page for my found footage project as I thought it displayed my creativity and skills for video editing very well. I also added the video I made for the MediaHYPE extra credit as I am very proud of the professionalism and craftsmanship and felt it deserved to be in my portfolio. I really liked the pages for the 3 critical themes as well as the page for my progress as a photographer throughout the semester. The 3 critical themes were nice because it made me reflect on my creativity for the prompt and how it related to the material we learn. The progress page was my favorite piece because I didn’t realize how much my skills have improved over the school year both through effort and learning how to shoot and edit better. I want to add more on the responses of the pages that are lacking and I want to maybe change the layout and colors of the page and then I’ll be happy with the final site.