Blog 5

I thought I was all done with my final project until l class on Tuesday. I had just made a single post on the blog in my WordPress that I thought would be sufficient as a portfolio. But now I realize that won’t do. I need to be creative and use the website as if it is more than just a text document. I have all the answers written and pictures selected, but now I can created tabs, (About Me, etc. . .), pages, and all kinds of cool widgets to express my portfolio, and make feel like there is a reason for said website.

Making this portfolio makes me feel very amateur, because I’m sure there are some students whose portfolios are actually worth seeing. But I enjoy learning to build a website with WordPress. I think in the future, I will probably use Wix, especially after seeing those youtube ads with James Veitch. I don’t know why, but good advertising just works on me. I think I will put the introduction to the portfolio in the about me page, and then create another page with an archive. In that archive, you can select any photo and it will bring you to a page with text that is associated with that picture. Perhaps that page will include other photos of a similar nature, or intended to show the same thing. I don’t really know how to do all that so I may opt for something simpler. I could create pages for different sections of the portfolio.