Final Project Analysis

As we are wrapping up class for this semester, it is time to start our final project. For our final project, we are to make a website filled with some of the work and projects we completed thus far in Introduction to Contemporary Media Cultures. After some confusion about how to make a website, I finally was able to start on my project. So far, I have outlined what pictures I am going to post for the introduction, the three photos that relate to key critical themes, and the six pictures that show how my “eye” has changed over the course of the class. At first, it was hard for me to go through my photos on Flickr and pick these out. However, after really understanding the critical themes and how my “eye” changed, it was easy for me to find them. While I was doing this, it reminded me of class when we discussed photography. As I was looking through my pictures, I could see how my mind was altering and my creativeness was expanding. This relates to the history of photography as well. Starting from the camera obscura to cameras today, photography has changed, and even changes within people after time. After I did this, I started my website on WordPress. It took me some time to start this website and to make it my own. After a couple of hours and using my inner creativity, I made a website that represents me, and will be able to represent my work well. Now, I just have to write the descriptions of why I chose the photos that I chose and put under specific categories. I am looking forward to this because not only do I get to express my intentions behind the camera, but I get to share them with other people.