Merten Blog Post #5

Today I am writing about the final project that I have just began to work on! This project is very interesting to me and it is an exciting change from what most of my other classes entail: final exams, essays, etc. This project is a fresh breath of relief! I think it is good because it is giving me valuable experience with creating a website, which will be useful in the future of portfolios and things like that. I am having difficulties choosing which website template will be the most beneficial for my project, while feeling the most visually enticing. I am trouble trying to come up with new and creative concepts to make my project stand out, such as the example of cyber flaneur. I might keep it simple and beautiful because I haven’t yet decided what this project could relate back to.

This project relates to the class because it is fully combining everything we have learned throughout the year will a fun and fresh interface. This is also seemingly a type of new(ish) media within the realm of web design. It will be very important to know how to create websites and have these aesthetic skills as more and more companies are looking for this when hiring, as well as when they are viewing personal portfolios.