Reading Response 5

This week’s readings on space and sound were very interesting as it is not often a topic I think of when discussing film or media. In Anne Friedberg’s “Journal of Visual Culture”, framing and limitations are discussed through cars and how that driving is a form of experiencing visuals through a “screen” or window. Over time, the LA buildings were designed to be more scenic in big cities and how the big cities with their art provide a narrative when driving through them. He then compares these windshield narratives to that of the one you’d see on the silver screen. A theater, outdoor or indoor is closed off and limited by the screen’s barriers just as a car window has limited sight through its barriers. Automotive popularity created a new form of flaneurism such as cruising, which adds a whole other level to the narrative driving can provide. One thing that really made me think is the idea that the barriers on a screen aren’t just inclosing the picture to show you what you want, it is blocking out and limiting what you can see. This concentrates attention in order to not distract you from what is outside the frame. TV’s grew in popularity knocking out half of the moviegoers and they newly acquire a new way of consuming media in their own home. This created a backlash from theater’s who really tried to sell them out of how experience with the big screens, the speakers, the darkness without distraction, which Holly wood struggled with advertising for a very long time. I liked this reading as it made me think of the evolution of media through TV and Cinema and it’s relation to automobiles as it had never been something I considered.