Review of Evan Boretz Locative Media App

Today I used Evan Boretz locative media project. The project included 4 tracks. Two were musical tracks. One was a nature ambience track. And another was a spoken poetry track. The spoken poetry and nature tracks complemented each other nicely. The speaker had a very nice voice. I can’t remember exactly what the words were to the poem, but it was a short soothing poem that described trees and deer and maybe a bit of wandering, among other things. The ambience track sounded like a very lively nature scene that complemented the trees in the grassy tree area just east of the UMC building.

The other locations were adjacent to one another on the Hill, right next to the Walgreens. One of the musical tracks was electronic and somewhat soothing. It was not very flashy music, that played as I stood next to Broadway. The other track was further up the hill, further from Broadway and surrounded by popular stores like the Barber Joint and Cheba-Hut. I recognized the song. It was Duke Ellington’s Take the A-Train. Although I didn’t think it was an especially great version. Evan told me it was some royalty free music from the internet. Originally I assumed it was something he or a friend of his had recorded because the piano solo was amateur sounding, in my opinion. It did seem to fit the environment. It was jazz music in a hustling bustling city full of lively stores and young people. I liked that better than the other nearby musical track.