Reading response week 11 Nitsche warcraft adventures

The article starts of by explaining the origin of the word “Machinima”, how it came from machine and cinema. It goes on to explain how coders created Machinima not by filming, but by manipulating the code and algorithms in the game. It describes some film festivals for machinima and also some successful machinima content such as red vs blue, which is created from the Halo game.

The article mentions Quake III. I played that when I was younger. I’ve definitely watched machinima content when I was younger. I think it was mostly reel machinima but I don’t know.

To me it seems that machinima is unique in the process by which it is created, but not very unique in the nature of the content created. It is different in that you don’t have to draw all the pieces, but in the end the product is still just a 3D animation. And 3D animations are great. I love them. I think they’re generally far better when there not made with machinima, at least in my experience with machinima. But I assume the advances in technology have made machinima better since the last time I played video games or watched machinima content, which was probably 5 years ago.

It seems to me that it doesn’t fit the form-follows-function rule that we’ve been taught. Does somebody really come up with a whole story and realize it must be created in a gaming engine instead of regular 3d animation? Maybe, but it would be strange.