Reading Response #4

Week 10 had a very interesting concept of Machinima which is a very familiar subject to me. I had always been a huge fan of watching Rooster Teeth’s “Red V.S. Blue” as well as many other Machinima-like gameplay videos along with even partaking in this art with friends when playing games online together. Henery Lowood’s “Warcraft Adventures: Texts, Replay, and Machinima in a Game-Based Storyworld” really connected with my inner gamer and inner nerd despite not ever touching World of Warcraft nor the extended universe entities such as books and films. Lowood speaks of how World of Warcraft isn’t just a successful game, but a powerful franchise that can be exploited through various other media. This is because that the rich world and lore provides a strong story through gameplay. The player has texts to read throughout the game in order to fill in the narrative after experimenting with a PVP system. To add narrative, they build in an online campaign with a story to emerge the player in the game world. The world was still narrative, but since it was online and always adapting to the world and players around it, no player had the same experience, despite having a similar narrative told to them through the quests in the campaign. This is important to Machinima because the game had “story elements that could be retold, reworked, and reimagined through player-created production.” (Lowood 417) Players first started off making movies of their gameplay for replay purposes in order to relive their journey and share it with others. This later turned into creative narratives that focused on plot and character development to create stories that reach out of the already created stories and lore presented in the game.