Locative Media Project- Partner Write Up

DISCLAIMER: Throughout this mess of a project, I’ve had three different partners. As far as I know, they’re all writing about my project. I am instead only writing about one of their projects, Chase Roedel’s.


Chase’s project was nice in it’s simplicity. All four of the locations present were all located on or very near to 18th street, meaning one could experience his locative media by simply going on a short stroll. The first couple sounds that I heard as I walked were ambient, just the sounds of wind and some traffic. And while most of the time I wouldn’t need headphones and a program to experience such noises, at the time we were testing his project 18th street was surprisingly quiet and traffic was sparse, making it sort of surreal hearing his project and walking through the space.

The next notable part of his project involved a narration of Robert Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled” that began playing once you turned off of 18th street and started walking more towards Duane Physics Building. This was clever in that the poem began only after you had taken a new path that forked from the one you had been walking on prior, much like the path described in the poem. The man reciting the poem in the audio also was a nice pick, as it sounded like a professional recitation of the poem rather than Chase himself recording himself reciting it, which (no offense to Chase) probably would have come off as awkward and hurt the overall project.

The only real critique I have of his project is that the Frost poem has so much more to it than simply a fork in the road, and it would have been interesting if he had used the poem as a way to frame the whole of the locative media project, rather than one part of it.