Reading Response – Lowood

The article starts talking about Warcraft III championships. These championships have a $20,000 dollar prize for the winner so you could say that it is professional. I worked in a movie theatre once. And when I worked in a movie theatre, I knew a guy. This guy I knew, see, he played video games professionally. So that is how I relate my experience to the article. (*takes bow.) I actually used to play Warcraft III when I was a kid. I can attest, it’s a great game. One of the best, actually. I never played world of warcraft though. That game is mentioned also in the article. I found, at that age, that online game play was too dangerous, but I can’t remember exactly why.

The article shows how games have progressed, in the light of the warcraft example. Technology improved, making online gameplay possible. Not only that, but it became possible to write the future in games rather than simply replaying something created in the past. This makes gameplay more interesting now than ever before. The amount of narrative in games has also increased. The article also makes the point that for all the advances of technology, it is often the creativity of the players themselves which makes a game great.