Blog 4

We finished our Locative Media project the week before we got out of school for Fall break which I enjoyed because of the subject and creativity of the project and I’m eager to start working on the final project as I currently am working on a website for my photography portfolio which ties in closely […]

Blog #4 – Khoury

I currently have no big projects I am working on for this class. The only assignment I am working on is the photo-a-day assignment. This week’s photo-a-day theme is people panoramic. For this theme, you have to go off campus and get panoramic pictures of people. The themes that make you go off campus are […]

Merten Blog Post 4

Today I am writing about the Locative Media project, because it was the last production project we worked on in class. The project was very interesting and really made me think about different types of media. My project specifically was an interactive experience around Kittredge in which the audience was placed on a traditional pirate […]

Blog #4 | JP Douvalakis

Winding down on the semester, we now only have 3 weeks left to complete assignments and create content. The class is currently working on ethics which I find very interesting considering how often ethical questions come into play regarding our daily lives. I think it is very interesting to consider the rules of creating content […]

Photo-a-Day as Art

All semester long, I have been taking pictures for the Photo-A-Day assignment. Towards the beginning, it was hard for me to remember to take these pictures and think about them in a deeper way. After some time, I got the hang of taking them and having deeper meanings behind them. For example, for “my family” […]

Blog Post #4 – Chase Roedel

For this 4th blog post I am currently working on my final project, my final portfolio. For my final portfolio I will be building it in a WordPress template. I will include 1 photo from my self-portrait week that best represents me along with a short welcome message that welcomes those visiting to my page. […]

Reading Response – Naughton – Cyberwarfare

The article talks about how the people who pilot drone planes suffer an emotional toll, despite being distant from the killing. Naughton proposes that a possible explanation is the contrast between killing people and then driving home to their families. I have an alternate theory. I think that killing someone from behind a screen using […]

Reading Response #4: “Warcraft Adventures”

The “Warcraft Adventures” article describes the rise of the Machinima movement, which is the art of filmmaking/storytelling through video games. Through Machinima, users can record their own gaming experiences and edit them to create original stories, or they can broadcast their gaming to a live audience. While reading this article, I was fascinated because this […]

Reading Response #5

In Hill’s “Psychology of Rhetorical Images” refers to images that could be seen as unintentional propaganda to an environment. This includes monuments and statues and other large visual objects that regularly are available to the public eye. The article also refers to the flood of rhetoric regularly experienced in which eventually individuals need to create […]

Reading Response # 5 – Maxwell Silverberg

Friedberg’s reading on urban mobility and cinematic visuality was the most interesting reading we did in the past two weeks. I believe it spoke the most clearly about relevant topics in media and how the screen and room effect it. When talking about Disneyland and America, he goes on to say how it is presented, […]