Blog #3

Recitation was cancelled last week so I’m a little behind where I would like to be. But, I do understand the project requirements, I’ve read through the tutorial 7 on, and I’ve been considering some possibilities for tours. I think the Norlin library could be a great spot to give a tour because it is so big and there is much to consider. It otherwise takes a while to get used to. I could also play with the presence of books and have the tour involve going to find certain books. I could create a story out of strung together passages from different books. I definitely want to use the x files theme song in this locative media project because that would be very funny to me. I could also rick roll the participants, which, if you don’t know, means that I would play a specific song by Rick Ashley that is often used as a joke on the internet when you provide a link in a form that is not a url.

Another possible tour could be C4C, because it’s good to know what’s good to eat and where to go. Being informative is great but I’d like the tour to be enjoyable. It would be nice to have a story that plays out through the tour. (i.e. This is where such and such happened. . . . And then we went over here.)

A good tour place would be the museum building because there a lot of exhibits and those exhibits could use discussion and explanation for those who don’t care to read.