Blog #3

The past few weeks have been super busy for me. I have recently picked up portrait photography and within the last three weeks I had done six photo shoots for people and picked up another ten shoots in the next two weeks. Traditionally, I had never done any professional photography outside of product photography, but I have found that this along with my photo-a-day projects that it is not only building my skills but making me think outside of the norm when doing photo shoots because every week I am doing something new and creative. I also have really picked up color correction when editing because of how much I use it for this class and for my own hobby and business of photography. Each shoot I have done I’ve noticed a gradual increase in quality, creativity, and skill required to make the photo what it is. The first shoot I did was with an old friend that I had known for years so it didn’t really stop me outside of my shell other than the subject. The second shoot I did was with a girl who does modeling, which really stepped me outside of my comfort it takes a different perspective to take photographs of models, especially¬†female ones. My third and fourth shoot where for senior portraits¬†which were difficult and stressful because I was trying to please a client for very important and sentimental pictures. Up until now, all of my photography has been based in Boulder, but I did a streetwear photoshoot for a male model in Denver, which made me learn to shoot in that urban style. The sixth shoot I did was a rock climbing shoot which was very difficult for composure with the lack of symmetry in the rocks and climber.