Blog Post 3- Media Project

The found footage element of my project is “Alcohol and It’s Effect on the Body”, an educational film from 1948. I’m combining with the lead single from jazz-revival artist Thundercat’s album DRUNK. The song is named “Show You the Way” featuring low key legends Michael MacDonald and Kenny Loggins. I chose to combine this song with the black and white “Alcohol…” because clearly that video’s imagery would go very well with an album named DRUNK.

Some of the issues I’ve faced while putting this thing together deal mainly with aspect ratio and color. Like most things in Premiere, when I scaled “Alcohol…” to frame size, I was left with black bars on the edges of the frame. I decided to handle this with an homage to The Wizard of Oz by keeping the black bars initially, then when the characters in the video enter the magical world of drinking I zoomed in on the footage removing the black bars. To further extend the Oz homage, everything post the change in aspect ratio is also in color. I used the tint tool in order to give the footage a certain style, then used keyframes to change colors over the course of the individual shots. I liked this because it helped the somewhat flimsy narrative I’m going for seem more clear.

At the end of the video, when we return to “reality” (Kansas), the aspect ratio returns and the film is once again in black and white. Now the only thing I’m stuck on is whether or not I want to work on extensive titling effects over the next week, or whether to leave it as is and not risk over-cluttering an idea bred from simplicity.

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