Blog Post 2

I gathered footage of monkeys stealing women’s purses and a baseball caps, as well as a monkey stealing one mans camera. I added the soundtrack from a chase scene inĀ The Terminator. I’ve got clips of people screaming in horror films. I think I’d like to get some clips of thunder striking in a loud dramatic fashion. I’ve also got a clip of some soldiers in west Africa giving a monkey an AK 47. The monkey starts shooting. There’s also some footage of a monkey “fighting” a cat.

The clips of people screaming in horror films are just for sound. They’ll be added whenever it looks appropriate, because a monkey is attacking.

The idea here is to juxtapose what is usually humorous behavior with scary music and screaming. I’m trying to ridiculously overdramatize the sequence. But, there will be actual tension, because the scene in which the monkey gets the AK47 is quite tense. And that scene will be spliced up to last the whole video, with little clips of it here and there. The juxtaposition creates another kind of tension, between what you’d expect and what is.

I might want to add some additional clips. For instance, maybe a simple shot of a monkey swinging an axe, if I can find such a thing, and then a shot of a girl screaming fromĀ The Shining as an axe hits the door.

I still need to work on editing the film- where to make all the cuts, and stuff like that.