Blog #3

As the semester slowly winds down, we only have a a few weeks and a couple more projects to complete before moving on to bigger and better things. This last week we had recently finished our “Hot-To” videos. This was pretty fun to do as it was challenging to fit a tutorial into eight seconds. […]

Blog #3 How To Project Evan Boretz2.0

Making a How-To video could be as simple as 1, 2, 3. But whats the fun in shooting something so simple? If I’m doing a project for school, I typically like to have fun with it. With this past project, I definitely had fun. I was unsure about the limit of time on our videos […]

Blog #3

In the most recent Locative Media assignment I’ve had a difficult time. I noticed that it was difficult in everyday life to identify sounds that I would want to use for my project. For one of the atmosphere sounds I want to use my balcony as an outdoor source. It seemed like a good place […]

Blog #3

So far I have collected a couple of raw sound bites of natural area but still have yet to figure out or even comprehend the software we are using for the project. I have never done any projects solely with sound so this is a new experience for me because I usually am prioritizing footage. […]

Blog #3: Photo-a-Day

Given that we are currently in between projects, having completed the How-To video last week, I have mostly been focused on the Photo-a-Day project for the time being. Honestly, when the semester began I was very excited for this project because I’d like to learn more about photography, but I’ve noticed the themes getting more […]

Blog #3 – Photo-a-day

During the past few photo a day assignments I feel like I’ve been able to grow a lot. This assignment has really helped me to try different forms and different types of photography I haven’t tried yet. It’s helped me to grow in different ways, for example, I’ve begun to discover that I actually really enjoy black […]

Blog #3

Recitation was cancelled last week so I’m a little behind where I would like to be. But, I do understand the project requirements, I’ve read through the tutorial 7 on, and I’ve been considering some possibilities for tours. I think the Norlin library could be a great spot to give a tour because it […]

Blog #3

Right now I’m working on the locative media project. I haven’t started the project yet officially, but I have some ideas. Some of my favorite spaces in boulder are Andrew’s Hall and Chautauqua. It would be really fun and interesting to document either of those spaces. Chautauqua has a lot of cool natural sounds, and […]

Blog Post #3

After doing the photo a day from the ground level I felt that I took some of my strongest photos but some not. I want to say my strongest photo out of all the photos of this week would be the photo from my patio. I think that with the sunlight coming out from the […]

Locative Media Project

Right now, I am working on the Locative Media Project. When I heard about this project, I found it quite confusing. Capturing sound somewhere on campus? Wouldn’t this just be a boring few seconds of listening to side conversations and planes go by? I did not understand how these sounds could be considered as “art.” […]