Blog Post 2- Photo-a-Day

Thus far, I’ve found it much easier to conjure up ideas for photos related to Campus Life than it was for Family. Last week I could literally close my eyes and take a picture and it would have had some relevance. I tried a littler harder than that though, taking pictures of things that seemed unique to my experience, such as the view from my floor, my desk set up, the little figurine I brought for my desk, etc.

This week I had to get more creative. To start, I took a picture of my car because it once was my older brother’s and has been a “member” of my family for a long time. Then I took a picture of my copy of “The Daily Show” book in front of a TV as an homage to the old TV Dinner’s my family and I used to have that were narrated by Jon Stewart. Then my guitar, since my older brother was the one who taught me how to play. Lastly, I took a picture of my the engraving on my favorite watch, which reads “Ryan McCormick, 2017, with love, Grandma”. I think the relevance on that one is clear.

Ironically, I did see both my mom in Fort Collins and my dad from Evergreen this week, but just forgot to take pictures. In a way, I’m kind of glad. A lot of creativity was bred from necessity, and I like to think my pictures are more interesting to the other members than they would have been if they were just ┬ástranger’s faces.

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