Blog Post 1

Our current project is to make a short film out of found footage. I downloaded a trial of adobe premier but then cancelled my subscription when I found out I could possibly use the computers in a university computer lab and not have to pay. Before cancelling my subscription, I was able to get them to offer me 3 months free of adobe premiere, but with a commitment to keep using it for the full year. And I said no, because I was hoping for at least 6 months free when I asked for 8. Darn.

Since I don’t have any software and haven’t been instructed on how to access the computer lab (wherever it is) I’ve been creating playlists on youtube of footage that I might like to use for my project. One difficulty is that I don’t know how I’m going to get a hold of this footage without giving my computer nasty virus. That would be bad.

I’ve got a few ideas for what my film will be, and I’ve been collecting clips in my playlists that reflect that. The main idea that I’m most likely going to run with is as follows: I will piece together clips of monkeys doing mean things, like stealing purses, firing an Ak 47 (yes really), and other stuff. I will couple that footage with horror film music and screams, as well as out of context news clips of anchors saying apocalyptic sounding stuff. The film will be called Harambe’s revenge.

Another possibility is making a music video for a song I recorded called “Dreams.” The music is very dream like, so for the video, I would use footage from movies like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Where the Wild Things Are, and other dream like fantastic movies. The ideas is to piece something together that reflects the mood and feeling of a dream, as well as fits the music nicely.