Reading Response 2 Bourdieu

Bourdieu argues that while we consider photography to be a perfect and objective exhibit of reality, it is far from it. This is because the still image is not a part of anyone’s reality. No one can ever experience it without the photo. In his words, it is “imperceptible because it is instantaneous.” And in […]

Reading Response – Kawin

The article creates categories for films: Narrative, nonfiction, animated, and avant-garde. I don’t like these categories because there doesn’t seem to be anything stringing them together. I nonfiction film can also be narrative, animated, and avant-garde. So in my opinion, it is not a good dichotomy. A good dichotomy might say animated and non animated. […]

Photo-a-Day Blog Post

As I go around every day and imagine what I could shoot to best represent the theme of the week, sometimes I am a little troubled. This past week has been the idea of Family. When I think of it, it strikes me… I have absolutely no family remotely near me. This past year I […]

Photo-a-day blog post #1

The past two weeks I have been working on my photo-a-day assignment. I have experienced mixed results of ‘success’ and ‘failure.’ In my experience, I have found I am much better at taking pictures of objects and landscapes rather than people. One could see why the themes of family and college life might prove challenging […]

Blog Post #1 – Maxwell Silverberg

The photo-a-day project has been a very fun experience for the first two weeks. We have done two themes, college life and family. College life was very easy for me, I basically captured my daily life as a freshman in college in creative ways that I saw fit. I took in the aspects of college […]

Blog Post 1: Photo-a-Day

The Photo a Day Challenge has been a great assignment for me and has brought me to invest in better editing software, new lenses, more DSLR equipment, a greater interest in photography, and to better learn my camera and how to take great pictures. It also has brought me into a good habit of shooting […]

Blog post -Markus Wolf

I’ve been thinking a lot about the photo a day assignment. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with it because of simple things like forgetting to upload or missing specific moments. I’ve been interpreting the assignment more as showing my new family, I began with old family photos but have moved onto topics such […]

Blog Post 1

Our current project is to make a short film out of found footage. I downloaded a trial of adobe premier but then cancelled my subscription when I found out I could possibly use the computers in a university computer lab and not have to pay. Before cancelling my subscription, I was able to get them […]

Blog Post #1

The current project that I am working on is the second “Photo-a-Day” assignment, titled “Family.” In this project, I was given the task to take pictures of my family and, if my actual family was not accessible, then to take pictures of those who are my family. I am from out of state, so my […]