Blog #4 Kohl Vemo

Currently I am working on the production of my final portfolio website and have found this assignment to be the most unique and interesting of our assignments so far. Currently I am about half way done with my Website, I have so far accomplished incorporating the Instagram how to video, adding a few blog posts and incorporating a gallery of a few of my images. I find this assignment challenging at times because I am finding myself guessing and trying things out until I figure it out. This wastes some time, but I feel like if we had a lesson to learn the basics of navigation of how to make sites on Word Press and had a template that we could follow it would helpful but I understands that is part of this assignment is to be creative and show your creative ability in the portfolio. This assignment is cool because you get to select the best pieces of work that you have from the semester and get to incorporate them in one media artifact which is very nice for starting out in this major to already see improvement in your abilities and do a multitude of different types of assignments. Overall I am really looking forward to finishing this project and showing it to the class and my friends and family. This is the second website I have made the first one was through Adobe Dreamweaver which is a much more detail intensive website production application, and now I have background making websites on two platforms which is great for the future.

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