Locative Media App Review – Abbie Rush

In selecting my space for my locative media app, I really wanted the location to be one with more activity going on, opposed to just a library where people are mostly sitting at desks and there is not much movement happening. This is why I found the student rec center to be the perfect location for my app. I determined that I wanted create a space where the user could really get a feel of what individual students are thinking and doing when they are working out. I know that each person’s experience at the rec is individual to themselves and that they each have a different purpose and different goals in mind, which is where I got the idea to create a different story for the individuals one may see at the gym while walking around. I created my homemade tracks with the help of my roommates who did the voiceovers for the audio I attached to my location. I had them each say a few different lines, whether it was about “getting that summer bod” or judging the guy staring at his muscles. I also put a one of the filters to create an echo sound to their voices so that they sounded like thoughts rather than speaking out load. I then attached music to those recordings to set a tone of movement and motivation.

When I went to try out Izzy’s locative media app, I did not have a problem getting it to work, it seemed to play the audio in the way that she had planned and there did not seem to be anything unusual that took away from my experience using her app. I thought that the most creative aspect of her app was her choice of location; she completely took her own approach and chose a location that no one else considered doing. I thought using her own back porch gave her a lot more opportunity to do something creative with it since it is a setting other than campus. With that, she did exactly that and created some really cool audio to go along with it and took a really creative approach to what kind of space she wanted to create. Using the sound of rain and glasses clinking was super interesting to me just because it is not the direction I would have gone in first thinking about it, which is why I know she really put a lot of thought into it and took many options into consideration. The only think I would have changed is I would have put a little more thought into her story tracks since it was just a short whisper because I think there could have been something added to it that would make it even better. The app made me think different about the relationship between media and space in that it made me realize how much media can add to just one space; the way Izzy was able to turn a simple patio with an ugly ally as a view into a peaceful space with a pleasant ambiance demonstrated this to me in the best way. It made me think about what more we could do with media to make spaces more than just simple spaces.