Blog Post #5 – Abbie Rush

I am almost completely finished with my portfolio, with just the final response to finish. I was able to easily pick out 6 photos that best reflected how my eye has changed over the semester and the progress I have made with taking photos. Finding 3 photos that represented key critical themes was definitely a lot harder than I expected and it took me quite a bit of time to match a theme to a photo, but I eventually figured it out. The posts about my Instagram How-To video and my locative media app were not too hard to complete because we had already done so much work on them and have been able to reflect on the projects in past blog posts, which made writing about them again so much easier. The biggest issue I have had in completing this website is definitely the final response questions. After completing the first question of the final review I was feeling okay, but I am currently still trying to understand the last two questions, as they are difficult to comprehend, therefore even more difficult to answer. I want to be able to answer them in an accurate way, which is why I am taking my time and waiting to get insight from other people in the class. I know that once I have completed the final review, my website will turn out to be very satisfactory and I will be excited to share it with the class!