Blog Post #4 – Abbie Rush

Today I began the process in creating my own website for my final portfolio. So far I have completed just the introduction which I found a little bit fun to do just because it was easy to talk about why I took this course and what I got out of it. It is also pretty fun designing my site, selecting a theme, and figuring out exactly how I want it to be set up. It is definitely hard to navigate when trying to do all of those things and it takes a lot of playing around and just clicking buttons. I think that the most time consuming part of this assignment will just be figuring out what to click on to get to a certain place and how do go about doing those things that will complete a website. I think I have gotten the hang of it for the most part, but I still have a lot of learning to do in order to successfully complete this portfolio. In relating this project to this class, there is no one thing we’ve learned in class that relates to the assignment because our websites will be reflecting what we have learned and completed over this past semester. The piece of media I have included for this blog post is the photo I chose for the introduction of my website which I feel definitely represents me best out of all of my self-portrait photos. It is a photo that can almost sum up who I am, what I value, and how I live my life.32885704995_dacc6b331c_o