Reading Response #2 Erickson – Documentary with Ephemeral Media

This week I chose the Erickson article which covers how with new technologies like handheld devices there is a big advancement in sociolocative distribution of media. In this article it discuses in particular about why people like to document places. Erickson gave three reasons why sociolocative broadcasting is popular. People have the need to link a location with […]

Blog #5 Kohl Vemo

The Website portfolio was probably the most time consuming but also the most interesting assignment we had. Now that we are done I can look back on it and say that it makes a difference what developing site you use. I started on word press and didn’t like the choices and layout options they had. […]

Blog #5- Final Portfolio

The final portfolio has been a lot of fun to complete. I have recently finished my website after meticulous hours of editing and making sure everything made sense. I had a lot of difficulties making pages symmetrical and lining up photos with text and so on. I also had a tough time embedding media at […]

Blog #4 Kohl Vemo

Currently I am working on the production of my final portfolio website and have found this assignment to be the most unique and interesting of our assignments so far. Currently I am about half way done with my Website, I have so far accomplished incorporating the Instagram how to video, adding a few blog posts […]

App Blog – Taryn Pilkington

For my own locative app, I first started out with the idea of doing a somewhat scary virtual tour. I made it more into a story than a tour. The person would have to follow the directions and they would hear the scary things going on around them. Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble […]

Reading Response – Alex Moore

For this week’s reading response, I chose to focus on Hill’s article, “The Psychology of Rhetorical images.” The article explained how much influence an image can have in comparison to how little words can mean when placed next to a striking image meant to attract an audience. The only thing I really thought of while […]

Reading Response #5 – Abbie Rush

In Nichols article, “Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Film Making,” he discusses film in a way that depicts every film as a documentary. He describes two types of film, the first being documentaries of wish fulfillment and the second being documentaries of social representation. This reminded me about our class discussion from many […]

Locative Media App Review – Abbie Rush

In selecting my space for my locative media app, I really wanted the location to be one with more activity going on, opposed to just a library where people are mostly sitting at desks and there is not much movement happening. This is why I found the student rec center to be the perfect location […]

Keighlee Riggan App Review

My project was really fun to work on. Before I did anything else, I chose a location to use for my app. My two ideas for places were Kitt Fields or Farrand Field because I knew that they were open spaces that were easy to get to. I found out that Kitt Fields did not […]