Blog Post #3 – Abbie Rush

In starting the locative media app project, I have been super nervous about how I will successfully accomplish it. When first looking at the assignment, it seemed extremely complex and beyond what my abilities with technology are currently. However, after taking some time reading the instructions and the tutorials on how to complete each step, it is beginning to make a little bit more sense to me and I am feeling hopeful that I can complete the app successfully. After relating this project to the videos we had seen in class and the discussions we had about locative media, I definitely felt pressure to come up with something solid. I decided to use the student rec center as my location for this assignment because I can always count on it being full of students who are all working personally on what ever they may be doing at the gym. It seemed like a cool place to capture a lot of different people doing many different things with many different goals in mind. Which is why my concept will be students in their natural habitat, as I will try focusing on different individuals at the rec and enhance the noises in their space as well as maybe doing a voice over audio of what I think may be going on in their head. If not a voice over, I will chose certain sound bytes that I think best represents that person and what they are doing. So far I have one audio recording of just the sounds going on around the rec consisting of gym machines and barbells being picked up and put back down which I think is probably a good basis for what the background noise of my app will be. I have attached a “sound snap” of an example of noises you hear at the gym, which is where I got my idea for my first audio recording.