Joe Zahorik- Blog #3

     Now coming into the month of March, we have started to begin the Locative Media Assignment. The idea of this assignment is to augment a certain space with specific audio tracks. During the course of this assignment I have found it interesting that the most difficult and challenging aspect was how to make […]

Blog #3 – Noah Carmichael

For the locative media project I will be doing video clips of Folsom field completely empty. For this project I want to video the empty field and empty stands and add audio of crowd noises. I also want to add audio clips of coaches talking to players and hyping them up to give the video […]

Blog 3 – Kylee Kiser

I have a lot of ideas for the locative media project. I am thinking about going through what it would be like to get on either a regular RTD bus, or the buff bus. I think it would be really cool to go through the process of riding the bus to get somewhere. The only […]

Blog Post #3 Locative Media Project

The Locative Media assignment is not an easy one. So far I have produced and deleted countless amounts of sound clips, as I’ve found that it is so uncomfortable to hear my own voice on tape. I’ve struggled with choosing a space to augment and what time of day I want to capture this space […]

Taryn Pilkington, Locomotive App Blog

For the Locomotive project, we are supposed to pick a place on campus, record it and have sounds that will go along with the recording. So far I have recorded two videos and am not sure which one to use. I have recorded one at night and one during the day. The one during the […]

Harris Freedman Blog #3

Although we haven’t been given the full details on it yet, I am excited to do the locative media app project. The more complex video example that was shown in class was very intriguing to me. It reminded me of a high-tech museum walkthrough, but it could potentially be set in any space. This makes […]

Orielle Heilicher Blog #3

For my Locative Media Project I had the idea to use the Norlin Library for my space. I spend a lot of time in that space and I thought it would be good to use because it has consistent wifi and a quiet environment that I could manipulate in many ways. For my this is […]