Christian Shearer Blog #2

Christian Shearer

This weeks assignment was to make an 8 second how to video on anything we choose. This presented a problem because I figured it would be very hard to create a video explaining how to do something in 8 seconds. Most how to videos that I have done for previous classes have been minutes long so you can explain something very in depth. What I realized with this assignment is that you can explain something in depth even in a short amount of time. It took some creativity to figure out how to explain something in under 8 seconds, but I figured it out. I just used very short clips to make a sort of stop motion film but still have all the basics of tying a shoe, which is what I did for my how to.

This project was really interesting because it made you think outside the box and create something that is very explanatory but also very short. I think this could be a very good tool in modenr marketing. People often get annoyed because commercials are so long and don’t really have a lot to say. But if you did something like this with a product that could be easily explained in under 8 seconds I think it would be very useful. People would still get the message as to what the product does, but wouldn’t have to sit through minutes of a boring commercial.