Blog Post #2 – Abbie Rush

I have started brainstorming ideas for what an interesting but easy How-To video this week, and so far the only ideas I have come up with relate to preparing some sort of snack…classic. I always love watching all of those fast but entertaining 8 second videos on Instagram, but for some reason I am having a hard time coming up with an original video of my own. I want it to meet the assignment guidelines easily but I also don’t want it to just be a boring video everyone has already seen 30 times before. I think once I narrow my ideas down to a couple, my ideas will really start to flow and I will think up some great ways to film my How-To video. I am excited to work with angles, lighting, and more once I do figure out my topic. I also think that 8 seconds may seem like a short amount of time to create a good How-To video, but it will actually be a lot easier than we think especially with the start and stop feature of Instagram videos. I think that feature will be a lot of fun to work with and make it so our videos will be a lot more creative and interesting than just a regular how-to video. In narrowing down my ideas for my how-to video, how to make a smoothie has been one of my top choices. Smoothie making videos are always so artsy and fun, which makes me really want to try one out on my own. Let see if I can be just as artsy and fun making a smoothie as everyone else on Instagram!