Blog Post 2 – Alekssandra Moore

This week’s photo-a-day assignment is to take portraits of other people without showing their face but still give an idea of who they are. I really like this topic and I think there are some really interesting ways to go about it. Im thinking that most of my pictures are going to either be of people’s shoes or of their hands doing something. I like the idea of taking pictures of someone’s shoes or feet because it can show a lot about what they do daily. At gymnastics practices, I can take pictures of people’s feet on the beam and that alone will tell you a lot about who they are. Shoes can be quite telling as well since there a specific shoes for activities like rock climbing, dancing and skateboarding. Im also thinking about taking pictures of people’s hands. Their hands could be doing things like holding coffee, doing homework, or painting. All of which can tell you a lot about someone’s hobbies.

The image attached, however, is not a picture of someone’s feet or hands. I was with my friend last night and noticed her necklace and wondered if there was any story behind her necklace. She said that it is a giraffe because her younger sister used to think she would grow up to be a giraffe so the necklace means a lot to her. Im not sure if I’ll end up including this image in my post for this week but it definitely ties into the theme. img_1070