Berger – Ways of Seeing – Cas Sheridan

Berger points out a gap between words and seeing. The way we see things is determined by what we know. The relationship between what we know and what we see is never comfortable because the knowledge we have never quite fits the sight. Images were first made to represent something that wasn’t present, but in […]

Reading Response #1 – Orielle Heilicher

In A.O. Scott’s article “The Screening of America”, Scott claimed that there is a shift towards viewing movies at home opposed to going out for a night at the local movie theater. While there are aspects of this argument that are undeniably true, I have noticed a shift back to going out to the theater […]

Reading Response #1 A.O Scott – Otto Dublin

Scott opens up by talking about the difference in watching a movie at home, versus watching a movie in a theater and actually seeing it as a film. What I found relatable were the sensory details Scott uses to describe a movie theater and specifically the smells, sounds, and visuals. It reminded me of times […]

Reading Response #1-AO Scott- Harris Freedman

I found the reading, The Screening of America by A.O. Scott, to be pretty intriguing. In this article, Scott discussed the ways in which our mediums for viewing films have changed and adapted over the years, as well as whether this evolution is a good or bad thing. Scott starts the article by explaining how […]

Reading Response #1 – Alekssandra Moore

Manovich’s article “What is New Media” spends some time in the beginning comparing computers to film. He makes the connection that both film cameras and computers have to store their data in some way. Manovich then mentioned Konrad Zuse, a German engineer who built the first working programmable computer in his parents’ apartment in Berlin […]

Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” – Noah Carmichael

Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” puts a perspective on what we all see through pieces of media. According to berger “An image is a sight which has been recreated or reproduced, it is an appearance, which has been detached from the place and time in which it first made its appearance and preserved, for a few […]