Clinton Reading Response 5

The reading I am doing my reading response 5 on is “The Industrial Geography Lessons” by John T. Caldwell. This article investigates and discusses the different types and the importance of space. Space is a very overlooked, but important factor in all industries. Space can change how people interact, who has the power in that […]

Anderson; Reading Response 5; Longford

Michael Longford’s article, “Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences,” is all about augmented reality and the ways it can be used to offer consumers a new and different experience. Augmented reality is different from virtual reality because it utilizes real world spaces and “augments” them (uses technology to change the way a user moves […]

FINAL Blog Post #5: Final Portfolio – Aabriti Shrestha

I have made significant progress on the final project since the last blog post. I finished figuring out the layout for all the pages. I finished my photographic eye page by selecting six of my photo-a-day photos and creating a slideshow gallery of them. I finished writing about my two projects, and inserted them both […]

Blog post #4- Alex Apfel

To begin this project I researched and thought about what to use for my final project. I have used and in the past so I should be able to come up with a nice portfolio. I am most familiar with because my personal website is made on it. Throughout this class I […]

FINAL Post Carter Adams

I have not made a ton of progress with my wordpress website assignment, but that’s not to say I havent made any. The main reason that i havent made a ton of progress, or at least as much as i would have liked to, is because of a reason i stated in my previous blog […]

Clinton FINAL blog

I have made a lot of progress with my final project, and it is going well so far. It has become a lot easier as I have become more familiar with wordpress. To start, it was rather difficult and frustrating but with all new things, it becomes easier with practice. It has also been interesting […]

Blog #5 FINAL- V Mackenzie Christman

I feel a lot better about the final portfolio project now. I have really started working on it. I have at least three posts up and I am still trying to figure out the other ones I need (what pictures I am going to use). Now that I have uploaded to WordPress and made my […]

FINAL Blog Post Bree Cevaal

I am almost finished with my blog post, I think that it’s been pretty easy for me so far because it’s mostly reflecting back on the semester and using WordPress which is a website that I am very familiar with therefore it hasn’t been too difficult! I really like this project because we are able to […]

Blog #4 – Alex Deems – Thoughts on the Class

As I have begun progress on the final portfolio, it has forced me to take a step back and critically look at the work I have done this semester. Over the semester, we have covered a wide range of topics in the lecture, and had many assignments for the recitation. I have enjoyed having to […]

Danny Anderson Final Blog Post

Progress on my final portfolio has been going pretty good. I have been using to build my site and this is the first time that I’m using this company. I have built many sites and I’m mostly familiar with WordPress and Adobe Muse. The free version of WordPress is good but it can also […]