Blog Post #4: Final Portfolio – Aabriti Shrestha

We are currently working on our final portfolios. I feel like I have made pretty significant progress so far. I have created my website, chosen a solid theme, and worked on making it visually and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve spent most of my time working on the design and interface, more than the actual information needed. […]

Blog #3: Chris Nelson – Photo A Day

This week’s Photo-a-Day Challenge required us to take our pictures from a ground level perspective. I thought it was one of the more interesting photo challenges because it specifically guided how we use our iPad camera. Very rarely do you see the world from a ground point of view. In fact, I think we mostly […]

Blog #3 – Mathias Gruber

This week’s picture a day challenge, from the ground up, has been my favorite so far. All of the different themes so far, to different extents, have in some way forced creativity, or at least forced a specific style or perspective, which then forces one to be creative in order to meet those requirements. This weeks, […]

Blog #3 From the Ground Up Ian Fauconier

Like always, I had underestimated the photo-a-day project again.  However unlike before, I felt like there were many more opportunities for news ideas on what to take a photo on.  In one of my photo’s, I played around with a figure and its perspective, making look like its life size and not a 10 in […]

Clinton RR #3 -Gye

As society and technology progress and advance, so do the ways in which we use and interact with them. Starting back in the beginning of the photography era, only specialized camera operators were taking pictures. Back then, there were different types of cameras for different situations. Then came along the Brownie camera, which combined these […]

Anderson, Reading Response 3, Gye

I found Lisa Gye’s article, “Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices” to be particularly interesting. Gye argues that there are essentially three reasons as to why we take photos and they are to record memories, create and maintain social relationships, and to express ourselves. I found it very impressive […]

Reading Response #3 – Max Wellins – Documentary with Ephemeral Media

In her article “Documentary with Ephemeral Media—Curation Practices in Online Social Spaces,” Ingrid Erikson discusses how documentarian culture has shifted from only professional understanding to a realm of DIY (do it yourself). Now “everyday citizens” are able to document not only the events of their lives, but Erikson also focuses on “’sociolocative broadcasting’—the act of […]

Reading Response #3 Lisa Gye- Sophia Schelle

In Gye’s reading, she was focused on how mobile phones have progressed, and how the the camera in a phone has changed the photography world. However, the cameras in our phones are not normal cameras because of all the information they still carry on the phone. She explains that photographs “bind us to our past […]

Reading Response #3 Bree Cevaal

Reading Response #3- “What Happened to our Audience” After lecture and after reading this article I find it very interesting to think about the radio and that ways that it has changed over the past few years. Before TV was invented the radio was a technology that was used for listening to the news, stories, […]

Reading Response #3 Carter Adams “What Happened to Our Audience”

For this reading response, I have chosen to write about Alan B. Albarran’s “What Happened to Our Audience.” In this paper, Albarran presents the results of a survey from four hundred and thirty undergrad students of ages eighteen to twenty four discussing how they, as an audience, are beginning to leave terrestrial radio for other devices […]