Blog #3 Locative Media Sophia Schelle

This project made me bring out my creative side. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult for me at first. I’m used to teachers telling me exactly what I have to do for every step. So when I started this project, I struggled because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for it. […]

Blog Post #3 Bree Cevaal

Blog #3 Bree Cevaal I think that the locomotive project is super interesting however its very difficult as well. My first problem I’m having is deciding on what sounds to use and where I want them to be located one campus. I’m thinking about just going to the UMC and recording the background noise of […]

Clinton Blog 3

The current project that we are working on in this class is the locative media project. In the very beginning, I thought this was a very interesting project that I was excited for. The idea behind the project has much potential and our creativity can run wild. I am trying to do my project in […]

Blog Post #3: Locative Media Abby Siegel

The locative media project has been challenging and frustrating so far. I have yet to login into the website so I haven’t been able to start anything, other than brainstorm ideas for what I want to do. For my project I plan on taking a tour of the ATLAS building on campus. I want to […]

Blog Post #3: Jonah Cohen

The locative media project is coming along… well rather slowly. The concept seems rather fascinating, my physical location being able to prompt a command/task on my phone. A fascination only perturbed by the fact that it really is so easy to use someones phone to determine they’re location. However, I must confess that I find […]

Conor Bonfiglio Blog #3: Locative Media Project

This past week, we have been working on a new project in class called the locative media project. It is much more advanced than any other project we have done so far. Up to date, my favorite project has been the how-to-vine project. It was a comfortable transition from the photo-a-day assignments into something new […]

Blog #3: Max Wellins – Locative Media

I have started recording some of the sounds and vocal pieces for the locative media project. I am pretty experienced with Garageband so I haven’t had too much trouble with editing my recordings. I have not tried to do too much with the AppFurnace program but I have not experienced too many difficulties following the […]

Anderson Blog Post 3

I haven’t made much progress on the locative media project yet, so I’ll use this post to discuss the photo-a-day assignment for this week. This week’s assignment (“from the ground up”) seems to be the most abstract of them all thus far.  This assignment literally pushes us to look up and photograph things from a […]

Blog #3- V Mackenzie Christman- Locative Media Project

This project is pretty difficult and a little frustrating so far. I have not really made any progress in actually creating the app. So far I have been watching the how to video several times and deciding and planning out my location and the sounds and stories that will go along with the location. I […]

Blog #3 – Locative Media – Dominic Carr

I’ve always been intrigued by sound – the way it’s made, the ways we experience it, the way it travels…  And sound can tell us a lot more than just words. We use sound to make sense of the world around us, to give another layer of meaning to the spaces that we inhabit. In both […]