Blog #2–Max Wellins–Self Portraits

This week the theme was self-portraits. I decided to take photos that represent who I am, some of which were in fact photos of me, some were not. I didn’t really have any difficulty with this project, I avoided taking selfies and focused more on what would represent me. This project relates to the course […]

Blog post #2-Jakob Siegel-Self Portrait

This week’s photo-a-day assignment was more difficult than last week, which I thought would be impossible. The theme of ‘self-portrait’ was tough for me to wrap my head around. In the past I had never really photographed myself much nor enjoyed photographing myself. I could not figure out the right way to capture a portrait, […]

Blog Post #2 Abby Siegel Vine Project

For the Vine project I haven’t started much of it, but I have brainstormed ideas and played around with the application. I used to make Vines when I was in high school with my friends. I would post things without really putting much effort or editing into them. Also, Vine back then didn’t have the […]

Blog #2, Sophia Schelle

In this week’s photo-a-day project we were supposed to take “self-portrait” pictures. However, we were supposed to steer away from your typical selfie you may regularly see on your everyday social media accounts. It was hard for me to show who I am through different kinds of pictures. I used the self-timer on the iPad […]

Blog #2: Chris Nelson – Week 2 Photo-A-Day

This week I felt like I had to tackle the photo-a-day assignment in a much different way. Rather than observing my surroundings for things that reminded me of family, I focused on elements of my everyday life that are more personal. In my series of photos I used a combination of some subjects that I […]

Blog #2 Mathias Gruber – Vine Assignment

I’ve put quite a lot of thought into the vine project, but have yet to begin the filming. I decided to make it simple but funny, and not really try to explain something complex. I decided it be more effective to just entertain, rather than end up over simplifying real instructions. It seems as if […]

Blog #2 – Alex Deems – Self Portraits

Throughout this past week, our photo-a-day’s have consisted of self-portraits. When looking at modern social media, a self-portrait is often considered to be a selfie. The concept of the selfie has risen at an unbelievable rate in popularity over the past few years. However, the project has challenged us to represent ourselves in more ways […]

Blog #2: Jonah Cohen, How to Vines

I’ve honestly never worked with Vine extensively before. You really don’t notice how short 6 seconds is until your really in the middle of shooting, and realize your .5 seconds takes could be shaved .15 secs. It was tough thinking of something that would be an appropriate 6 second film, while still having multiple shots […]

Riley Clinton Blog 2: How to vine

The how to vine assignment is a very interesting one, and one that I am excited about due to our creative freedom. I find the assignment interesting because of the technology mostly. As a videographer, I am used to planning out short films and videos, as well as what advanced equipment we are going to […]

Blog #2 Conor Bonfiglio – Self Portrait Assignment

For this weeks assignment, we were to post seven photos of or relating to a “self portrait.” In the ancient times before technology and computers and cell phones, Self portraits were more often than not painted or drawn by artists. Today, there is such an abundance of technology and media-making that we have a plethora of […]